Securing of plaster ceilings and old plasterwork


Stevensons secure and make good ageing and damaged plaster ceiling and plasterwork

Associated with the Stevensons of Norwich surveying and reporting services is the follow up service of securing and repairing historic and traditionally constructed ceilings.

The risk associated with historic and traditionally constructed ceilings is that of a breaking down of the structure leading in extreme cases to partial or complete collapse.

Issues leading to breakdown and collapse include:

Water ingress and damage
- Impact damage
- Structural movement
- Degradation and wear and tear over time

The types of plaster ceilings regularly addressed by the Stevensons of Norwich securing and repair services include:

- Traditional lime plaster on laths
- Fibrous plaster

- Plaster on EML
- Combinations of the above
Domed, vaulted, groined, plain & enriched ceilings all fall within    Stevensons scope

Repair methods include:

- Securing with stainless steel screws and washers
- Securing with galvanised wire and plaster wads
- Partial or complete replacement
- Introduction of galvanised secondary metal fixing points
- Mechanical fixings introduced to secure enrichments and    ornamentation
- Repair and making good of surface damage and cracks
- Temporary propping of suspect ceilings pending survey and repair

The Stevensons securing and repair service has been tried and tested over a period of more than 30 years in buildings of every type including theatres, cinemas, public buildings, commercial property and private houses both large and small.



Recently the Coliseum Theatre was the subject of a major restoration and refurbishment exercise. The exercise included a major package of work associated with the repair, securing and in some cases replacement of the decorative plasterwork all undertaken by Stevensons of Norwich. 




The Old Town Hall in Birmingham is a magnificent Classical building which has been converted from local government to a concert venue. Stevensons of Norwich were awarded the substantial internal package for the repair, restoration and in some cases replacement of the decorative and historic plasterwork. 



Coliseum Theatre, London
Apollo Theatre, London
Lyric Theatre, London
Vaudeville Theatre, London
Rocket Theatre, London
St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London
Palace Theatre, London
Theatre Royal, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Granada Cinema, Clapham, London
Old Town Hall, Birmingham
Russian Orthodox Church, Knightsbridge, London
St Paul's Church, Clapham, London
Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
Private Residence, Thurloe Street, London
Kew Palace, Kew, London
Private Residence, Park Lane, London
7 - 9 Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London
Stoke Rochford Hall, Lincolnshire